The medical centre of the Zalakaros Spa has been renewed

2019. Jul 23.

In October 2018, the full-scale reconstruction of one of the most iconic building complexes of the Zalakaros Spa, the domed pool space of the more than 25-year-old medical centre and the medicinal garden of the same was started.

The project involving the renovation of the building structure, building engineering as well as interior design was completed within ten months, on approximately 1000 square meters, costing approximately one billion Forints.

There were hardly any years in the history of the more than half-century-old Zalakaros Spa during which it had not developed its services or had not renovated one of its units. The thermal waters rushing up from 2500 meters underground, with a composition unique even on a European level, as well as the wide range of balneological services built on thermal water are of key importance from the perspective of the tourist destination. The thermal waters of Zalakaros have played a dominant role in shaping the economic and touristic position of the city from the beginning.

“The domed pool space of the medical centre and the medicinal garden accessible from it directly have always been the flagships of the spa; they represented the priority services of the complex during the first two decades after its opening, and they still do so today.” – said László Cziráki, CEO of Zalakarosi Fürdő Zrt.

Owing to the developments of the past years, several units of the spa have been renovated; the family services of the spa offering adventures to guests have been improved, the sheltered pool has been renovated and now the time has come for the medical centre, one of the most remarkable units that has been serving guests for over 25 years, to regain its former glory.

CEO László Cziráki emphasized that the full-scale reconstruction has been implemented by preserving the unique atmosphere, design and distinctive characteristics of the building.

“A new roof structure has been built, doors and windows have been replaced, and completely new pavements have been laid down. The reception area has also been renovated, including the related sanitary facilities. In the indoor area, a special saltwater pool has also been installed. Guests can also enjoy a pool complex of medicinal and thermal waters and comfortable relaxation areas.”

Once the project has been completed, Zalakarosi Fürdő Zrt. will also initiate the proceeding of obtaining the EuropeSpa Med five-star international certificate of European Spas Association (ESPA).